Low Carb 1-2-3, Rodale, 2005

With low carb diets still a popular option, Low Carb 1-2-3 is going strong.  While it meets the guidelines of all the low-carb plans out there, including Atkins, South Beach, Sugar Busters and Glycemic Index diets, it is the only book that is low carb and low calorie.  There are no forbidden foods and indulgences are allowed. Gold’s focus on seasonal, balanced eating fits beautifully within a health-conscious lifestyle. She uses her three-ingredient philosophy to inspire those who have been successful with carb reduction and those who are diabetic to simplify their lives.  Her fresh, flavor-packed dishes can be enjoyed by anyone following any regime:  Pecan-Crusted Chicken Breasts, Prosciutto-Wrapped Halibut, Tournedos au Poivre with Balsamic Syrup, Asparagus with Wasabi Butter, low-carb snacks and alluring desserts – are all healthy as 1-2-3.                                   

“Any new book from Rozanne Gold’s 1-2-3 series is good news, and her latest is especially good for anyone on a diet, especially a low-carb diet.” -The Philadelphia Enquirer

“When I looked into her new book, Low Carb 1-2-3, I found that it was not only sensible but sensual: the two best qualities a cookbook can have.”-Irene Sax, Epicurious

“In her latest cookbook, Gold combines her sure sense of how to use a few key ingredients with a keen eye for nutrition. Her record as a prize-winning author is based on her creation of recipes that simply work and taste great.”  -Joan Brunskill, Associated Press

“If you’re still interested in cutting carbs – and even if you’re not, Low Carb 1-2-3 is worth pursuing.  Gold simplifies home cooking with a few high-quality ingredients without sacrificing taste.”  -Los Angeles Daily News

“Gold has mastered the method. She has a knack for revealing simple yet appealing combinations that evince reactions such as “I wish I’d thought of that!” –Journal Now

“We’ll come right out with it:   We’re big fans of Rozanne Gold and were excited to see Gold’s newest offering…the results were delicious.” -Boston Herald

“Because her three-ingredient recipes are so solid, Low Carb 1-2-3 is worthy of note. Gold focuses on foods that are low on the glycemic index and includes plenty of healthful veggies and fruit.”  -San Antonio Express-News

“Take a look at Low Carb 1-2-3. Every recipe is based on fresh, natural ingredients.  My husband loved the Rosemary Meatballs.”  -The Advocate, Baton Rouge