Little Meals: A Great New Way to Eat and Cook, Villard (Random House), 1993
Re-printed with photographs (Little, Brown and Company), 1999
James Beard Award, winner, best cookbook, general category (1994)

Gold’s cookbook Little Meals revolutionized the way America ate in the ultra-chic 1990’s helping diners embrace the modern “grazing craze.” At the world-famous Rainbow Room, where Gold was consulting chef for thirteen years, her program of “Cocktails and Little Meals” fueled the popularity of The Promenade Bar, the cocktail-centric lounge manned by drinks impresario Dale DeGroff, and later immortalized inSleepless in Seattle. Gold translated her concept for home cooks who could now dazzle friends and family with a parade of sophisticated small plates. Gold’s “great new way to eat and cook” coincided with research that proved eating smaller meals more frequently during the day resulted in optimal metabolic health. This book introduced Gold’s lyrical style, the versatility of her globe-trotting flavors, and her place as a culinary luminary.

“This is the way we’ll really be eating in the nineties. Intense flavors, small servings, and all the great tastes of the very best ingredients. Her book goes right into my kitchen!” - Sheila Lukins, co-author of The Silver Palate Cookbooks, food editor, Parade

“This is a cookbook with charisma. The range of recipes covers dishes that are speedy, slow, spicy, low-fat, cold, and romantic – simple and well-executed. This is perfect for today’s cook.” - Marion Cunningham, author of The Fannie Farmer Cookbook and The Breakfast Book

“As much a cuisinary philosophy as a cookbook, Rozanne Gold’s Little Meals perpetuates the style of the late lamented MFK Fisher.” - Judy Ross, East Side Express

“I know Rozanne from when she served as chef at Gracie Mansion. Her Little Meals, which she served so often at the mansion, delighted everyone, especially me!” - Mayor Edward I. Koch

“Nibblers no longer resort to Spanish tapas to explain why we love small amounts of large varieties of delectable things. Rozanne Gold has done that for us in Little Meals, a witty array of culinary conceits, from Sausage-Spoonbread in a Mug to Watermelon and Bitter Chocolate Salad for dessert. Rozanne’s style, as sophisticated as it is practical, is solid gold.” - Betty Fussell, author of The Story of Corn, My Kitchen Wars, and I Hear America Cooking

"Rozanne Gold is known as the food expert's expert, and now, through Little Meals, she has made available to the general public the delicious and witty food that was previously only available to the privileged upper crust." - Jennifer Lang, Editor of Larousse Gastronomique