Kids Cook 1-2-3, Bloomsbury, 2006

In what The New York Times describes as the best—and only serious—cookbook for kids, Kids Cook 1-2-3 eases children into the kitchen with tremendous care and skill.  The 1-2-3 model works well for would-be-chefs, and Gold’s practical yet playful guidance arms children with techniques invaluable for cooks of any age. Although aimed at young palates, recipes maintain Gold’s signature flair and introduce ingredients like cumin, tamari, and wasabi paste.  With more than 125 easy-to-follow recipes, kids can prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and more while learning about fresh ingredients and simple cooking techniques. Gorgeous, imaginative illustrations by Sara Pinto have helped make Kids Cook 1-2-3, published in the U.S., Germany, and England, a beloved book for almost a decade.

“Rozanne Gold has seriously considered what might get kids cooking.  Her sensibilities are on the money with intelligent recipes that allow an even slightly ambitious 10-year old to contribute to family dinners while learning real kitchen basics. The recipes are thoughtful, creative within their construct, and provide cooks with the sense that they’re making something new.” -New York Times Book Review 

“Gold brings her expertise to cooking for kids.  Each recipe is clearly spelled out in an easy to follow form.  I can’t wait to buy this book for the children in my life…and, of course, one for myself.”  -Young Adult Book Central

“If children are our future, it seems we’re looking at a diet of chicken fingers and fries—unless we get them in the kitchen. Rozanne Gold knows exactly how to do this.” -Jill Melton, Editor in Chief, Relish magazine

“Rozanne Gold’s Kids Cook 1-2-3…remains our favorite children’s cookbook ever.”   -Jenny Rosenthal, Dinner: A Love Story

“Gold continues her simplicity-celebrating concept in this title for kids. The recipes are an elusive combination fo sophisticated, healthy, and kid friendly. Gold has an empowering confidence in young chefs’ abilities.” -Booklist

“Chef and author Rozanne Gold has created a fabulous book for any young sous-chef-to-be, using only three ingredients per recipe. From gourmet to home-style cooking, kids will have no trouble whipping up interesting meals to share with their friends and family.  The Grand Rapids Press

“Fewer ingredients, less prep, quicker cleanup – it adds up to more kitchen fun in Rozanne Gold’s new book.  The recipes may be simple, but the combined flavors make each dish as appealing to grown-ups as it is to kids.” -Nick, Jr. Magazine