Healthy 1-2-3, Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2001
James Beard Award, nominated, best cookbook, general category (2002)
IACP/Julia Child Award, winner, best cookbook, healthy category (2002)
Editor's Selection by the New York Times
Top Ten Cookbook by the San Francisco Chronicle

Gold’s revolutionary approach to healthy eating marries the notions of simplicity and mindfulness, resulting in stunning restaurant-quality dishes to make at home.  By using only three ingredients, Gold’s recipes naturally eliminate many of the unnecessary fats and sugars that can weigh down elegant food. Each dish—categorized as fat-free, low fat, or low calorie—satisfies with intense flavor and encourages a healthy, balanced diet that includes everything – butter, beef, chocolate -- in moderation. Written with the consultation of nutritionist Helen Kimmel MS, RD, and clinical herbalist Dale Bellisfield, Healthy 1-2-3 makes the most of Gold’s commitment to joyful but mindful eating.  Ahead of the curve, Healthy 1-2-3 illuminates the wisdom of Hippocrates who said “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

"Gold's three-ingredient gimmick turns out to be one of those formal restrictions, like terza rima or the sonata that concentrate creative energy. Dish after dish in Healthy 1-2-3 is similarly demanding and equally rewarding." -Thomas McNamee, The New York Times

"This beautiful book proves beyond doubt that spectacularly good food can easily meet dietary recommendations. It's as simple as 1-2-3." -Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, author of "Food Politics"

"We need more chefs like Rozanne Gold. Resolutely anti-fad. she has a firm grip in the latest nutritional research and is adamant in her pledge to link great cooking to optimal health." -Barbara Levine, RD, PhD, Human Nutrition Program, Rockefeller University

"Rozanne Gold has created the crème de la crème of healthful cookbooks. The flavor of the dishes is in the essence of the ingredients. And the greatness of this book is in its simplicity." -The Post and Courier

"A firm believer in the powers of bacon and butter, I sometimes fall under the old assumption that healthy does not equal delicious. But Rozanne Gold's latest cookbook, Healthy 1-2-3, completely debunks that stereotype." -The San Francisco Chronicle

"Strip recipes to their skivvies and get ready to be dazzled." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"In Healthy 1-2-3, Gold uses ingenious low-fat cooking techniques that enhance the essence of each ingredient. Each recipe is as visually beautiful to the eye as to the palate." -Shape Magazine