Desserts 1-2-3, Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2002

“Rozanne Gold has done it again” said the Boston Globe, “with her new Desserts 1-2-3.  The sweets range from simple and elegant to downright decadent and even cakes and cookies get the three-ingredient treatment.”  Gold streamlines complicated techniques often associated with baked goods and the brevity of the ingredient lists have unexpected benefits.  Desserts with fewer calories – like brownies made with just chocolate, eggs and confectioners sugar – and some end up being dairy-free for those who can’t tolerate lactose.  Showstoppers include warm Chocolate Souffles with Bittersweet Chocolate Sorbet; Glazed Pear and Lychee Tarts, and Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberry Compote.  In addition to puddings, mousses and cakes, Gold honors the seasons with a multitude of sensational fresh fruit offerings.  “Figs in Nightgowns, anyone?”

"Has any other chef squeezed so much from so little? Gold never fails to surprise with what she coaxes from her ingredients." -Charlotte Observer

"Rozanne Gold is a genius. She knows there is a time and place for simplicity, and she knows how to deliver great food at the same time. Last year, Healthy 1-2-3 was a winner, both in the kitchen and annual prize categories. Desserts 1-2-3may well be even better. From the fresh fruit desserts to chocolate pots de cream, it's hard to find a dish you don't want to make now...I'd tell you more but I have to go make some three-ingredient ice creams." -Providence Journal

"The Chocolate Obsession is for hard-core chocolate lovers and tastes extraordinary when faintly warm, about an hour after baking. ..The Pecan Fudge Terrine is a great little candy that goes together in no time flat- and with no baking! We took the liberty of doubling the recipe." -Los Angeles Daily News

"Gold serves up a bevy of sophisticated desserts, many of which just happen to be low in fat and calories." -Linda Guica, Hartford Courant

"The thing I like best about Desserts 1-2-3 is not Gold's knack for tapping into our harried lifestyles and paring down the grocery list. Nor is the thing I like most her skill - and she is brilliant here - at giving her seemingly simple concoctions highfalutin names that mask their humble origins. The thing I like best about this cookbook is its purity, the way it relies on the flavors at the core of its pairings." -Larry Bingham, Baltimore Sun

Chosen as one of the year’s best books by Food and Wine Magazine

On L.A. Time’s ‘Hot List’

Has any other chef squeezed so much from so little? Gold never fails to surprise with what she coaxes from her ingredients.” CHARLOTTE OBSERVER