Cooking 1-2-3, Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2003
Chosen by NBC’s Today Show as the year's #1 cookbook
Featured by New York Magazine as one of the year's best cookbooks

In this compendium of 500 recipes, “the Gold Standard” for simple, innovative and satisfying food, Gold curates the best from her internationally acclaimed series and adds 250 brand new dishes and recipe ideas. Known as the “diva of simplicity,” Gold’s singular approach focuses on ingredients of uncompromising quality.  The magic of 1-2-3 lies in how she transforms a trio of ingredients into a unique repertoire distilled to save time, intensify flavor, and enhance the beauty of food.  A prescient move, Gold begins her opus with Vegetables A-Z, and then wows us with Slow-Cooked Hoisin Pork,   Turkey Ballotine with Sage and Garlic Jus, mesmerizing side dishes, and desserts.  She uses her considerable expertise to coax dramatic tastes from simple combinations while teaching us to respect the inherent flavors in nature. 

“Gold has a real food lover’s knowledge of honest ingredients… and with these as your building blocks, it’s hard to miss.”-Laura Shapiro, Newsweek

“When you flip through the pages (well-designed, easy to read, wide variety of dishes), you’ll reach for your apron. The key to Gold’s cooking is elementary:  A small number of ingredients used properly can actually make a dish taste more flavorful.” -San Antonio Express-News

“In her latest installment of the 1-2-3 cooking series, Gold, columnist for Bon Appétit, shares her simple yet effective recipes for cooking delicious cuisine without the bother of having to amass a plethora of ingredients.”-Publisher’s Weekly

Cooking 1-2-3 is a keeper! The recipes work and feature flavors in ways many have never tasted.” -The Denver Post

“I’m a big fan of Rozanne Gold’s cookbooks, and am still in awe of her unique skill in turning three ingredients into intensely flavored dishes. I don’t know how she does it – but I’m grateful that she does.”  -Sue Perkins, The Bergen News

“The three-ingredient recipe has been magic for Gold. The Gold Standard – simple, innovative and satisfying – is designed to make cooking effortless yet tasty.” -New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Celebrated chef Rozanne Gold has written an encyclopedic collection.  If you wish for a simple, but delicious quick dish that requires only a salad to make a restaurant-quality meal, give this book a good look.” -The Post and Courier