Blog News: 1-2-3 Wins "Best of August"

The good news is that The 1-2-3 Collection was chosen by Apple as one of their Best Books of August!  Not only was it one of the top four books but the only cookbook named.  The launch of the book in late July garnered great interest from the media world and from "tons of excited users" who have given it a solid 4.5 star rating.  During the first week of the launch, various books in "The 1-2-3 Collection" occupied up to 4 of the top 10 paid  cookbook slots in the iTunes store.  The "Quick & Easy 1-2-3" books have been popular, especially "Mornings" and "Weeknights."  Currently, the 1-2-3 Collection is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and on sale in the UK, Australia, Germany and France, in addition to the US and Canada. For cooks craving creativity and style, each of the 250 three-ingredient recipes are expressed in 140 words or less.  Each is customized for viewing on the iPad or iPhone in your kitchen and can be purchased at Apple's iTunes store.  The award-winning recipes are curated sets of 10 recipes ($.99), 50 recipes ($3.99) and 250 recipes, including 62 mouthwatering photographs ($9.99).  Readers can choose between whole books or shorter form sets and chapters, to build their own a la carte cookbook and recipe libraries.  It is available at

One enthusiastic user had this to say:  " I'm loving the cookbook(s).  I made the "Sumac-Aged Hanger Steaks" and "Burst Cherry Tomatoes" last week and loved the whole experience, from browsing the book on my iPad, to picking up the bookmarks on my iPhone when I got to the grocery store, to cooking and, of course, eating. These are really beautiful, functional cookbooks."