One-Minute Food & Wine Pairings

Last night, I surprised my husband by saying that "cocktails" would be served at 6 p.m.   As this is not our usual practice, it brought some unexpected anticipation.  I totally forgot what I had promised and at the stroke of 6, Michael said, "Oh, I thought we had something planned."   "Oh yes" I said, and quickly scampered to the kitchen.  In one-minute flat, I prepared a feast!  I opened the jar of taramasalata I had sequestered in the fridge, dug out the last five large caperberries from an almost-empty container, sliced a hunk of feta cheese and plucked fresh thyme leaves from my window box.  With it I served glasses of icy cold fino sherry.  It was the PERFECT match!   So here are 15 more ideas for those spontaneous, companion-pleasing times -- or, for unexpected guests.  If you have made any similar discoveries, please do let me know! Here are some one-minute sips and bits:

Champagne with hunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano and small black grapes Sake with iced clams on the half shell and wasabi crackers Vodka with smoked salmon and buttered dark Russian bread Ouzo with stuffed grapes leaves and pistachios Raki with watermelon and feta cheese Off-dry Riesling with prosciutto and melon Rose wine with spanakopita and kalamata olives Beaujolais with hungarian salami and oil-cured olives Sweet vermouth with bresaola and sesame grissini Bourbon with a variety of chilled oysters and unsalted pretzels (my husband's idea) Dry marsala with fennel, pecorino, crusty bread for dipping olive oil Prosecco with affettato (selection of Italian salumi) with slices of warm focaccia Sauternes with pâté de foie gras and brioche toast