My Lunch Companions

Here we are at Junior's having a great time.  The kids all made some healthy food choices and brought any extra food home. Instead of soda, they ordered juice or iced tea and everyone had a fresh green salad or fruit salad that came in a very large goblet.  Yum. With some good luck ahead, these beautiful children may all find wonderful homes.

The folks at Junior's also felt inspired by the day and treated us to lunch.  Many thanks to Colette and Mr. Allen Fleming for making everybody feel very special.  In addition to my lunch bunch, the guests included Laurie Sherman Graff, the director of Heart Gallery, the angels at HeartShare, and many of the foster moms.

Every child received an autographed book of his or her choice.  Eat Fresh Food or Kids Cook 1-2-3.  One wonderful young man, aged 21, who sadly placed out of foster care (he never found a home) is now in college and just found his own home -- a nice studio apartment.  His dream is to become a big event planner and I know he will reach his goal.  He's elegant, classy, and was a big help with the kids that afternoon.  Can't wait to help him find an internship this summer.  And I know just the person to ask!  (Preston Bailey, expect a phone call from me!)

Now, I'm cooking up a storm this morning for an all-day photo shoot for Lenox.  It's wine-and-food pairing day.  The recipes will be available on their site next week. Have a great weekend!