Radically Simple - October 26, 2010


325 recipes for brilliant flavors
with breathtaking ease

Pub Date October 26        340 pages, Rodale Books         Available now on Amazon


Four-time James Beard award-winner Rozanne Gold redefines the idea of simplicity in the kitchen. By manipulating the interplay of time, technique and the number of ingredients, she creates a sense of ease in every recipe – with results that are both lush and liberating.

Gold revolutionized the food world with her acclaimed 1-2-3 cooking series that showed cooks how to make sophisticated dishes with just a few elements.  Now she’s broadened her scope with a collection of new recipes whose procedures are expressed in 140 words or less.  Not quite Twitter, but close.

From five-minute soups to ten-minute salads; new ideas such as freezing olive oil to emulsify a sauce; or cooking fresh fish on a bed of frozen peas!, Gold’s formidable expertise will enable home cooks to derive abundant pleasure without the burden.

All her dishes reflect the philosophy that perfect flavor and contemporary taste need not require an entire day in the kitchen or a complex list of ingredients.  With Radically Simple, any cook can experience what many professional chefs like Rozanne have learned over the years – that the best food in the world often is the simplest.

“Radically Simple” is Rozanne’s 12th cookbook.  A culinary trend-setter, she is a four-time winner of the James Beard Award and winner of the IACP/Julia Child Award.  She was first chef to Mayor Ed Koch, consulting chef to Windows on the World and the Rainbow Room, and consults on high-profile restaurants around the world.  For more information go to www.rozannegold.com or contact Rozanne at rozannegold@mindspring.com. Follow Rozanne on www.facebook.com/rozannegold and on www.twitter.com/rozannegold