Agua Fresca
This delicious thirst-quencher comes from Puebla, Mexico and is literally known as "fruit water."  It doesn't require much sugar; the idea to to let the natural fruit flavors shine through. It can be made with cantaloupe, honeydew or watermelon and last up to two days in the refrigerator.

1/2 large ripe cantaloupe or honeydew melon
1/4 cup sugar
slices of lime or lemon

Remove any seeds and rind from melon.  Cut the melon into pieces and put in a blender or food processor.  Add the sugar and 1 cup cold water.  Process on high until very smooth.  You will have 3 cups of liquid.  Transfer to a pitcher and add 3 cups cold water.  Cover and refrigerate until cold.  Sometimes I add a pinch of salt (which brings out the sweetness.)  Stir well before service.  Serve over ice, if you wish and garnish with lime or lemon slices or small pieces of the melon you used. 

Serves 4